it's time to grow beyond 1:1 work

Marketing strategy for service providers + coaches who are ready to stop trading hours for dollars + explode their business

Right now you're. . .


You’re working late nights, hustling to get all your client work done. You’re constantly working on client work and have no time to work on growing your business.

relying on 1:1 work

All of your income is tied to your 1:1 client work. Which means if you need to take a maternity leave, a vacation, or just need a break, the money stops coming in.

have hit a plateau

Your income has stayed the same for months. You can’t take on any more clients but you *really* want to make more money.

Spot on? You’re in the right place.

Let's get to work creating your master plan to phase out 1:1 clients and explode your business

Pick your path

60 minute strategy session

We’ll get laser focused on your business + craft an action plan deigned to help you hit your big business goals.
We can:
1) Clarify your business goals, create your business expansion plan and map out your product suite

Already have a course or group program idea?
We can:
 2) Create a 60 day launch timeline
3) Design a 60 day social media marketing plan

5 week group program

You’re ready to launch your first online course or group program and want to create a launch plan that will put you and your expertise on the digital map.

About Me

Hey, I'm Kayleigh

Over the last 5 years I’ve worked behind-the-scenes of dozens of businesses planning and executing just as many launches.

But after being booked solid for 2 years and working until midnight most nights to keep up with demand, I made a major pivot and fired all of my clients. Now I have more time for family and get to help you, the booked out and burnt out service provider, who is ready to step up in a big way in this online world..

Together, we’ll launch your big idea into the world so you can lessen your client work and explode your income.