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Understand the strategy behind pricing so you can create packages that are designed to help you hit your income goal  – without having to work 12 hour days.

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let me guess

When it came time to price your packages you immediately started scrolling your competitor’s websites to see what they charge, right? (nods head up and down)

why that doesn't work:

Pricing is a strategy. You have an income goal you want to hit, a certain amount of hours in your day, and if your packages aren’t priced for profit, you’ll end up overworked and underpaid.

No thank you. 

 When you get your hands on Price For Profit, you’ll understand the strategy behind pricing so you can confidently sell your premium priced packages (because you’re worth every penny).

here's what you'll learn

The strategy behind pricing (no more picking random numbers)

Exactly how to price your packages to ensure you're hitting your monthly income goal without working 12 hours days

How to confidently sell your packages at your new premium rate

Plus, as a bonus gift, I made you a calculator so you can just enter a couple numbers and *POOF* the Google Sheet Gods will tell you exactly what to price your packages at and how many clients you need to hit your income goal.

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