sales calls that


Confidently lead your sales calls and book your dream clients – without sounding salesy or pushy

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Hop on a sales call and know exactly what to say (no more sweaty palms)

Talk about your services without sounding salesy and pushy (no awkward convos here)

Book your dream clients and pop the champagne (it’s about damn time!)

sales calls don't have to be scary. they can be easy + fun!
sales calls that


The trainings, templates and scripts you need to confidently run your sales calls and book your dream clients with ease.

Get instant access to 3 lessons that will have you hearing “great, can you send over the contract?” over and over.

Pop the bubbly, your sales call problems are solved 🍾

Consider this your crash course to sales cALLS
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pre-qualify your leads

You’re going to learn how to pre-qualify your leads to make sure every person who gets on a sales call is your dream client

sales call structure

Learn the step-by-step sales call framework so you can lead your calls with confidence

sales psych 101

Selling is a skill and you’re going to get a crash course on sales psychology so you can get an instant “YES!” on the call

if that's not enough, there's more!

let's talk about bonuses

sales call script ($97 value)

Get the exact sales call script that helped me turn over 90% of my sales calls into paying clients. Word-for-word and broken down to follow the Sales Call Structure you’ll learn inside the course.

follow-up email template ($47 value)

Not every person is ready to make a decision on the call, and that’s okay! You’re going to get a follow-up email template to send after your sales call to boost your conversion rate and book the client.

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kayleigh hannon

hi, I'm kayleigh hannon

When I first started my business, I struggled to book clients. I had no idea how to run a sales call, was winging it and hoping for the best. I’d get off a sales call not knowing if or when the person was going to hire me.

I knew I was great at what I did, but I didn’t know how to get people on my sales calls to realize that – without coming off as salesy and desperate.

Once I created a sales call framework, I closed over 90% of my sales calls. I went from struggling to book clients to fully booked out within 3 months with dream clients who were happy to pay my premium prices.

The best part was, I felt totally confident every time I hopped on a call and selling actually felt FUN.

I’m teaching you ALL my best sales call strategies to make selling fun + easy so you can close your sales calls with ease.

copyright | KAYLEIGH HANNON | 2021