The 3 Phase Funnel Framework to Put Your Marketing & Sales on Autopilot

author: kayleigh hannon



Funnels are your ticket to putting your marketing and sales on autopilot. It’s like hiring a full-time marketing and sales team that doesn’t take vacations, works holidays, and never sleeps.


How exactly does a funnel work?

A funnel is a series of steps that takes someone from a lead [interested in your offer] into a paying client or customer [purchases your product or service]. It does your lead generation, nurturing and selling for you. All you have to do is set it up one time.

Let's zoom in to those 3 phases:

1. Lead Generation

Lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest in your product or service. Your funnel has an initiation point, called a lead magnet. It compliments your paid offer and attracts leads who would be interested in investing in it.

The lead finds your lead magnet, enters their email and is now on your email list, where you can move on to phase 2.

2. Nurture

The nurture phase is what turns a warm lead into a hot, ready to buy client or customer. The lead already opt-ed in to your lead magnet and virtually raised their hand that they’re interested in your paid offer.

During your nurture sequence, your funnel will send a series of automated emails designed to position your offer as the solution to their problem and position you as the expert on that solution.

3. Sell

Now that your funnel has done the heavy lifting of nurturing your lead, your email sequence will direct them to your sales page and checkout.

This is when the payment notification pops up on your phone while you’re pushing your kid on a swing or sipping cocktails with your girlfriends. AKA your entire funnel has led to this.

Your funnel automates the sales process, eliminating the needs for DM sales conversations and sales calls.

Real Life Example

Purpose of funnel

To sell your $2,000 program for designers to help them build premium brands for clients and charge $5k or more

Lead Generation

You launch a lead magnet that teaches them how to package and price their design services to attract premium clients


For the 7 days post sign up they’ll receive a series of automated emails educating them on building a premium design business and showing them that the solution to their problem is in your program.


Your email sequence will link to your sales page and direct them to checkout. They join your program and you get the payment notification on your phone.

Put this into action:

Step 01

Map out your funnel framework
Build out your own chart [use the above as reference] deciding on the purpose of your funnel, your lead generation strategy, your nurture sequence and your sales strategy.

Step 02

Build your funnel
Take what you just mapped out and start creating, designing and implementing.

To limitless scalability, Kayleigh

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